CENTRING RACE IN HISTORY: Antiquity to the Present


25 November

Chair: Professor Karim Murji, ICR & University of West London, UK.

14.00 Keynote: Archives of Black Life and Histories of State Violence in Britain.

Dr Kennetta Hammond Perry, Stephen Lawrence Research Centre, De Montfort University, UK.

Discussant: Dr Rob Waters, Queen Mary, University of London, UK.

15.30 Break


Chair: Professor Dirk Moses, University of North Carolina, USA.

How Concepts of Race Shaped Responses to Disease: The Case of the 1915–18 Typhus Epidemic.

Dr Jan Rybak, University of York, UK.

Race and Partition as the Dominant Paradigm for Conflict Resolution in Palestine.

Dr Yair Wallach, SOAS, University of London, UK.

Centring Race in Medical History: The Fanonian Stance.

Dr Fella Benabed, Badji Mokhtar-Annaba University, Algeria.

Brown Men, Black Women, White Anxiety: Indian Migration, Interracial Sexuality and Colonial Categorisation in British East Africa

Daphné Budasz, European University Institute, Italy.

17.15 Break

17.30 Session 6: 20th & 21st CENTURY EUROPE

Chair: Professor Lucy Riall, European University Institute, Italy.

The Presence and Absence of “Race” in the Historiography of Fascism.

Dr Ben Bland, University of Hertfordshire & Queen Mary, University of London, UK.

Race, Self-Esteem and Black Political Activism, c.1940s-70s.

Dr Ian Miller, University of Ulster, UK.

Degrees of Race: Whiteness as a Quantity in Perceptions of Eastern Europe.

Professor Ivan D. Kalmar, University of Toronto, Canada.

The PKC Millins Lecture

18.45 Introduction.

Professor Jo Crotty, Director, Institute for Social Responsibility, Edge Hill University, UK.

18.50: Racism Before Racialized Capitalism.

Professor Satnam Virdee, University of Glasgow, UK.

Discussant: Professor James Renton, Edge Hill University, UK.

20.15 Conference ends.


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