Jan-Feb 2018, Issue 1


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Europe’s Racial Borders

Nicholas De Genova

Over the last two decades, human catastrophes at sea have indisputably transformed the maritime borders of Europe into a macabre deathscape. Untold tens of thousands of refugees, migrants, and their children have been consigned to horrific, unnatural, premature deaths by shipwreck and drowning, often following protracted ordeals of hunger, thirst, exposure, and abandonment on the high seas. The most comprehensive database documenting migrant and refugee deaths during attempts to traverse the maritime borders of Europe estimates the total number at more than 30,000 for the period since the year 2000.

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The State of Emergency in France: community profiling and the discriminatory exception regime

Vanessa Codaccioni

The state of emergency, proclaimed by the President of the Republic François Hollande on the evening of the attacks of November 13, 2015, is a form of power that allows full control of a population, a territory, ideas.

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EXCLUSIVE How Racism Ruins Lives, a report by Trade Union Congress, UK

MONITOR shares an exclusive peak at the TUC report on racism at work, due in March.

Wilf Sullivan

The large increase in racist attacks after the UK referendum to leave the European Union in June 2016 brought back into focus the problem of racism in British society. Many people believed that “in your face” racism was a thing of the past.

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OPINION: Questioning the “Xenophobic Turn” in Central Europe

Michal Buchowski

The European Union enlargement into Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries resulted in expansion of neoliberal capitalism and acceptance of democratic principles. Commitment to the protection of collective and individual rights is inscribed in the constitution of any democratic polity. This liberal package deal implies, among other things, a set of liberties such as…

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Listen to Omar Khan. The Runnymede Trust‘s Director gives MONITOR an insight into the work of the UK leading race equality think tank.

  Omar Khan - Runnymede


MONITOR Event Report UK Houses of Parliament – Islamophobia & Antisemitism

Ben Gidley

In 2017, antisemitism and Islamophobia were, along with other racisms, on the rise around the world. In the UK and Europe, these racisms also continue to flourish. But are they connected?

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OPINION: Tribalism and the New Racism in Italy

Marco Aime

In the post-racial era in which we are living today, a new lexicon is needed. Scientifically baseless, the concept of race has found new forms of expression, for which we need new names.

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