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May-June 2020, Issue 7

Black Lives Matter

The Revolt

From the birth of Black Lives Matter, to its deep social origins rooted in the experience of anti-Black racism in the United States of the 2010’s, Battle-Baptiste tells us how the movement gained power. Watch Now

COVID-19: Democracy in Peril

Aaron Winter, Aidan McGarry, Anna Triandafyllidou, Ojeaku Nwabuzo

How the pandemic and the lockdown challenge racial equality and, ultimately, democracy. By Aaron Winter. Watch Now

COVID 19 has laid bare structural inequalities impacting on ethnic minorities and migrants, acutely so for Roma communities, says Aidan McGarry. Watch Now

Anna Triandafyllidou’s inquisitive eye falls on the precarity of the so-called ‘essential’ migrant worker. Watch Now

The European Network Against Racism explains the role of social precarity and structural racism. By Ojeaku Nwabuzo. Watch Now

United States: Why Black America?

Jean Beaman

Coronavirus is not the great equalizer many have claimed. Rather, it has only exacerbated existing racial and ethnic inequalities in the United States, as well as worldwide.

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Whose Immunity? SURVEILLANCE in Time of Pandemics

Nitzan Lebovic

The state of emergency has solidified inequalities, inflicted a double whammy to ethnic minorities, and instituted a surveillance model that cannot be stopped.

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Reporting Ethnic Minorities’ Deadly Toll

Venise Wagner & Sally Lerhman

International media have reported on the racial disparities of the Covid-19 pandemic. But much of this coverage has been problematic, suggesting that the culpability lies with minorities themselves.

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[MONITORacism, The Story]
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We Remember. We Act.

Richard Benjamin

The recent toppling of statues of slavers and slavery enablers has led some UK intellectuals and political leaders to dramatically call for the creation of a new museum of transatlantic slavery to help with mass education around the subject, and fight contemporary racism. Yet, The International Slavery Museum has existed since 2007, as its director explains exclusively for MONITOR.

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TIME & SPACE For Poetry: Her Lost Language

Jenny Mitchell

London-based award-winning poet Jenny Mitchell shines a light on Black English men and women. With delicate poignancy, Mitchell reminds us of their daily fight for recognition and equality. Poems read for MONITOR by Marianna Athime Corsoni, Claudia Zylbersztajn, and the author herself.

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[Artist Unkown]
Passers by 3, Alessandra Ragionieri