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January-February 2019, Issue 4

Oval 2, by Patricia Farrell

7 Thoughts on Today’s Paranoid Society, after Kafka

Nitzan Lebovic

When thinkers and authors of Franz Kakfa’s time referred to his political-prophetic quality, they usually pointed out to the paranoid quality he gave to society, and its ensuing violence. They did so in two opposite ways.

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On Bolsonaro’s Politics of Hate in Brazil

Kathryn Lum

During the last decade, under a succession of centre-left governments at the national level, Brazil has made great strides, both in lifting millions out of poverty through the Bolsa Familia social programme, and in tackling institutionalised and social racism…

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Anti-Roma Racism in the Age of Nationalism

Huub van Baar

Some news does not reach the world easily, if at all, while other news does, seemingly without effort. News regarding racist attacks on Roma usually belongs to the former category, while news highlighting their alleged asocial or criminal…

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THE EXPERT: Dissecting the Alt Right Online: is the ‘Alt Left’ an Invention?

Richard Rogers

The ‘Alt Left’ could be described as the loose movement of anti-fascists (Antifa) and others opposed to the rising ‘Alt Right’, especially in the US but also in Europe. Or does it?

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Oval 1, by Patricia Farrell

CHECK YOURSELF: The White Privilege Test


Recommended last October by The Royal Historical Society, “this test has been developed as a tool to discuss and debate towards positive change in the cultural industry – however awkward the conversation may feel.” Sandra Shakespeare, at MUSEUM DETOX.

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History of Racist Fences in the US, Real or Imagined

Nick Sciullo

The United States has long been obsessed with borders, from the Louisiana Purchase to its short-lived imperial era conquests of Cuba, the Philippines, and Hawaii, to Donald Trump’s desire to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexican border.

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from “BAD IDEA”: Brexit poems before Brexit

Robert Sheppard

Brexit overdubs of Michael Drayton’s 1611 sonnet sequence “Idea”, are unpublished poems by acclaimed British writer & academic Robert Sheppard. Illustrations by Patricia Farrell, for Monitor Global Intelligence on Racism.

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Passers by 3, Alessandra Ragionieri