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March-April 2018, Issue 2

‘Permanent Travelers’, by Alessandra Ragionieri 

Alessandra is showcasing her work at the Cooper Gallery, Harvard, U.S, until 5 May. From 16 June until 4 November, her work will be exhibited at the European nomadic biennial of contemporary art & culture, Manifesta 12, in Palermo, Sicily.

Far-Right Czeching In?

Ivan Kalmar

Racism, specifically racism against Muslims, played a large role in the background of the recent Czech presidential election last January that returned Miloš Zeman to Prague Castle. When it came to the “migrant question”, the contest was not even about whether Muslim migrants should be welcomed – no candidate wanted that.

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Human ‘Scapegoats’ and the ‘Sacred’ Narratives of Racism

Kitty Millet

Returning to his native Warsaw in 1979, and for the first time in his tenure as pope, Pope John Paul II was met by thousands of Poles. As the crowds thronged Warsaw, hoping …

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TAKING THE FLAK New App targets racist behaviour in Sweden

Jonna Mannberg

Follow Stockholm-based organisation, The Order of the Teaspoon, engaging with young people and their teachers to discuss racism in the classroom, and beyond.

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THE EXPERT: Researching the Far-Right and Racism

Aaron Winter

We are witnessing a revival or resurgence in far- or extreme-right movements and activism, as well as populist radical right politicians and parties, across Europe and in the United States. Ideologies some had resigned to the dustbin of history …

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On racism in football

Listen to Pavel Brunssen, expert on European football fan culture and antisemitism & racism. In April, Pavel co-organised in Berlin the event ‘The Beautiful Game? Identity, Resentment, and Discrimination in Football Culture’.

WROCLAW, Portrait of an Open City

Rafal Dutkiewicz

Historically, the Polish province of Silesia has been a land of multiple cultures, inhabited mainly by Silesians, Poles, Czechs and Germans. A beautiful expression of this multiculturalism can be found in the ‘Book of Henryków’, added recently to UNESCO’s “Memory of the World” register, which contains the first ever sentence written in the Polish language.

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Australia: Jim Molan Is Not a Racist

Alana Lentin

Australia is a country obsessed with its racism. A spate of television shows and newspaper articles ask, ‘Is Australia Racist?’ While many acknowledge that the country has a racist past, they object to the implication that the country is still failing to deal with its colonial legacy: the dispossession of the First Nations and the state’s foundation on exclusive white citizenship, …

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Passers by 3, Alessandra Ragionieri