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October-November 2018, Issue 3

Pittsburgh’s silent call

Rebecca Erbelding

It is Saturday morning, October 27, 2018. There has just been a mass shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the third act of terrorism committed by radicalized white supremacists to make national news in the United States this week. Antisemitism, racism, and nationalism are on the rise throughout the United States and much of Europe. This can be quantified: the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) reported that antisemitic attacks have risen 57% in the United States over last year, the largest single year increase on record.

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Can Muslims Be French Too?

Jean Beaman

In many ways, at least to non-French people, having to pose this question seems absurd, but France has long been obsessed with itself, and in turn, with preserving its national identity and French culture. Popular rapper Médine’s experience illustrates the ambiance.

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White Saviour? Learning about Rosa from Doctor Who

Jenny Barrett

Approaching the anniversary of Rosa Parks’ refusal to leave her seat on a segregated bus in 1955, the BBC’s long running science fiction TV drama, teaches a lesson about the past, but does it avoid the White Saviour myth?

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THE EXPERT: Picturing A Global Network of Fear

Camilla Schofield

Commentators and scholars have rightly sounded the alarm that we are living through a resurgence of white nationalism in the United States, Australia, Britain and across Europe. Today, The Expert delves in and draws a global history of White nationalism from 1960.

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On a Definition of Antisemitism

Last summer, the UK reached peak-controversy when the Labour party was forced to adopt a definition of antisemitism. In July, MONITOR met with Yair Wallach & Ben Gidley, experts on antisemitism & racism, at Birbeck, University of London.

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Is race mixture an antidote to racism?

Peter Wade and Monica Moreno Figueroa

Latin America is often portrayed as a continent without racism. A team of researchers have travelled to Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico, to find that race prejudices and bias do lurk among their diverse population.

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Hate Speech and Big Data

‘Pepe The Frog’ is a popular meme on social media. Its appropriation by Alt-right groups is scrutinised by Sal Hagen, a media expert at the University of Amsterdam. MONITOR meets with him in Venice during the Odycceus conference.

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