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January-February 2020, Issue 6

[by ink_and_spit]

EUROPE: ‘Justice Gap’ and Failure to Protect

Ojeaku Nwabuzo

The European Network Against Racism’s new report shows that criminal justice systems across the European Union are failing to protect victims of racist crimes, despite the increase in violent racially motivated crimes. […] Whilst the most prominent and serious racist crimes might sometimes make  headlines, most still remain invisible due to gaps in police and criminal justice systems.

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CLIMATE EMERGENCY: A New Immigration Approach

Keith Kahn-Harris

With climate change likely to be unchecked and catastrophic in the next years and decades, ‘Western’ countries have the responsibility and ethical duty to take in refugees from affected regions in unprecedented numbers.

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CULTURAL HERITAGE: Empowering Participation and Inclusion for All

Katja Mäkinen

In response to the crises of recent years, the European Union has sought to foster the ideas of unity and diversity, and promote symbolic and actual integration between Member States.

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THE EXPERT: The Uses and Non-use of Ethnicity Data — how can we do better?

Karim Murji

Ethnicity or race-based data collection by government bodies has always been a matter of controversy. […] what is it that is being measured in the name of race?

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Antisemitism & Social Media: MONITOR Policy Paper

Monitor Racism

Online antisemitism is intensifying. MONITOR has joined forces with experts and scholars in search of answers and solutions.

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Passers by 3, Alessandra Ragionieri