CENTRING RACE IN HISTORY: Antiquity to the Present


What should be the place of race in historiography and historical practice? The last few decades have witnessed a flowering of the historical study of race. Yet most of this scholarship has been confined to late modern colonial, global, and postcolonial histories, with little interest from other fields. In medieval and early modern studies, the bulk of writing on race has been produced by those working in literature rather than history. And if we look to the big treatments of history that have been growing in popularity in the profession and the book trade in recent years, race barely features.

The aim of our conference is to confront this marginalization of race in history, and to consider how we can centre race in our discipline: theoretically, methodologically, and empirically.


23 November

Times are according to Greenwich Mean Time

14.00 Introduction

Chair: Monica Gonzalez-Correa, ICR & Editor of MonitoRACISM magazine, European University Institute, Italy

14.15 Keynote: Allegedly Race: Rethinking the Political History of Early Mesopotamia.

Professor Wang Xianhua, Shanghai International Studies University, China.

Discussant: Dr Donni Wang, Berlin, Germany.

15.45 Break


Chair: Dr Ben Gidley, ICR & Birkbeck, University of London, UK.

Race and the Study of Classical Antiquity.

Professor Denise McCoskey, Miami University, Ohio, USA.

Undoing Race: Grief, Loss, and the Human from Fourth-Century Athens to Mid-Republican Rome.

Professor Susan Lape, University of Southern California, USA.

Race and the Athenian Metic.

Dr Rebecca Futo Kennedy, Associate Professor, Denison University, USA.

17.30 Break

Chair: Dr Harith Bin Hamli, ICR, Edge Hill University, UK.

18.00 Keynote: The Politics of Race in the European Middle Ages.

Professor Geraldine Heng, University of Texas at Austin, USA.

Discussant: Professor Lindsay Kaplan, Georgetown University, USA.

19.30 Day 1 Ends

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