CENTRING RACE IN HISTORY: Antiquity to the Present


24 November

14.00 Session 2: MEDIEVAL EUROPE and the MIDDLE EAST

Chair: Dr Nicky Tsougarakis, Edge Hill University, UK.

Ethnic Stereotypes: Religion, Environmental Thought and Power in Western Europe 950-1250.

Dr C.V. Weeda, University of Leiden, Netherlands

Taking the Jins Out of the Bottle: Did “Racial” Classification Take Place in 10th Century Baghdad?

Dr Harith Bin Ramli, Edge Hill University, UK.

How Toleration Ended: The Political Processes of Expulsion in Medieval German Jewish Communities.

Dr Kerice Doten-Snitker, Universidad Carlos III Madrid, Spain.

“Islam” and Proto-Racism in Medieval and Early Modern Europe.

Professor Deepa Kumar, Rutgers University, USA.

15.50 Break

16.05 Session 3: EARLY MODERN EUROPE

Chair: Dr Stephen Ashe, ICR & University of Manchester, UK

‘Race’, Religion and Moderation in Pre-Enlightenment Europe: Bodin, Montaigne and the Dangers of ‘Early Modernity.’

Dr Nicholas Mithen, University of Newcastle, UK.

Naming Race in Early Modernity (1500-1800): Reflections on Method, the Academy, and Microhistory.

Dr Justine Walden, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.

Race and the History of Political Thought: The Case of English Republicanism.

Thomas Ashby, European University Institute, Italy.

Against Barbarous Dogs and Rascals: Race, Religion, and Empire in the Early Modern Mediterranean World

Professor Brian Sandberg, Northern Illinois University, USA.

17.55 Break


Chair: Dr Sarah Irving, ICR, Edge Hill University, UK.

The Silencing of the Sahel in Historiographies of Race and Slavery in the Early Modern Mediterranean.

Dr Lori de Lucia, Boston University, USA.

Figuring Blackness in Literary-Historical Accounts of Morocco and West Africa.

Dr Gretchen Head, Yale-NUS College, Singapore.

The Formation of the Christian Race and Ideas of Judaism in 15th Century Spain

Dr Erika Tritle, Coastal Carolina University, USA.

Prester John’s Blackness: Early Modern Colour Prejudice and Perceptions
of Sub-Saharan Africans in Iberian Discourse (1427-1600).

Dr Jonathan Dixon, Hampton School, UK.

20.05 Day 2 Ends

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