Reactionary Democracy:

Populism, Liberal and Illiberal Racisms, and the Far-Right: This project, with Aurelien Mondon, University of Bath, examines how liberal, ‘new’ and ‘post-racial’ colour-blind racisms, which have been juxtaposed to the far-right and ‘illiberal’ racisms, have played a role in the normalising and mainstreaming of racism and the far-right. This is most notable through what we term ‘Liberal Islamophobia’ and the convergence of the mainstream and far-right around Islamophobia in the US, UK and France, as well as the convergence of the mainstream and the far-right in support of Trump and Brexit. Our work includes: ‘Articulations of Islamophobia: From the Extreme to the Mainstream?’ (2017), ‘Normalized Hate’ (2017), ‘Charlie Hebdo, Republican Secularism and Islamophobia’ (2017) and the forthcoming book Reactionary Democracy: Populist Hype, Racisms, the Far-Right and the Lack of Political Imagination (Verso).